Anna has created SleepHypnosis after fighting several years of chronic insomnia and now we finally get to take part of it!

SleepHypnosis is created with her unique method

ToM Energy Release ™, exclusively to release stress, open to healing and welcome sleep.

The SleepHypnosis also has uniquely produced music with special sound techniques and together with Anna's hypnosis, the brain waves are activated to provide optimal sleep.

You have full control throughout the hypnosis.

You will gain valuable knowledge on how to prepare for sleep with effective tools and exercises to manage:

- Rushing thoughts


-Process thoughts and events

-Release stress and

-Be able to relax

Bonus 1: Step by Step Guide "How to Prepare for Sleep"

Bonus 2:

Step-by-step guide "How to deal with rushing thoughts"

Bonus 3:

Step by step guide "How to process your day to be able to relax"

Bonus 4: Keep track of your development with your 21-day sleep journal

All for  € 49!

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